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If you are charged with a crime, contact a criminal defense attorney first thing. Do not talk to the police or to prosecutors; they want to put you in jail. Being charged with a crime is a serious matter that requires the immediate attention of an experienced criminal defense attorney working on your behalf. You likely may be frightened and confused. It is vital to understand your options and to have an attorney standing by your side who can protect your rights and guide you through the legal process. Call Attorney R. Scott Patterson.

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The prosecution has an enormous bank of resources, including a large staff of attorneys, police officers, state-of-the-art crime labs and expert witnesses, and a huge budget funded by the taxpayers, all for the purpose of securing pour conviction. This inequity of money and power in the criminal justice system gives the government a tremendous advantage at all stages of the process. Because the basic foundation of the legal system is that the “whole truth” will be presented at trial, without an aggressive defense the jury will simply accept the prosecution’s evidence as true and convict. You must be prepared to go toe to toe with the prosecution, challenging them point by point and fact by fact.


With the increasing media attention focused on domestic violence, police, prosecutors and the courts are working ceaselessly to put offenders behind bars, pursuing the strictest penalties available.  Since domestic violence is usually committed in private, the alleged victim is usually the only actual witness to the offense. Supposed incidents of domestic violence often happen in the heat of the moment, as is often the call to the police during an argument. Once the police become involved, the accuser cannot withdraw the allegation or have the case dismissed. Many times, the accuser makes an accusation in anger and later wants to “take it back”, but by that time it is simply too late. If you find yourself accused of domestic violence, call Attorney R. Scott Patterson as quickly as possible.

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